Resurrection Reprise Cover Reveal!

I’m so excited to finally share the cover for Spencer’s book, RESURRECTION REPRISE (A Soulbound Universe novel). I’ve only been sitting on this for a year. And yes, I had to have Fatima on the cover with Spencer in some form.

Resurrection Reprise By Hailey Turner

Possession is nine-tenths of the law.

Spencer Bailey has spent his entire life under government oversight for something he can’t change: his magic’s affinity for breaking souls. After surviving the end of the world, Spencer joins the Supernatural Operations Agency with the intention of keeping his head down and his hands clean.

Tasked with tracking down a stolen artifact, Spencer wants to run his first case with the SOA by the book. The master vampire of the Seattle Night Court won’t make that easy. Takoma is demanding and possessive, used to getting what he wants, and he lures Spencer into his Night Court with the seductive promise of freedom.

In the Pacific Northwest, ghosts are crawling out of the woodwork, demons are on the rise, and Spencer can’t afford to make a mistake. Torn between the life he should lead and the one Takoma is offering, Spencer has to make a choice that won’t break his soul, but it might just shatter his heart.

This will be a simultaneous release of the ebook, print, and audiobook editions. It will be available in KU. Everything is coming to you on September 7, 2023. You can preorder RESURRECTION REPRISE now!