Metahuman Files by Hailey Turner Vol 2

Metahuman Files Volume 2

In the Shadows

Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin doesn’t trust easily, and he most certainly doesn’t trust spies, but Agent Sean Delaney is proving to be the exception to the rule. Sparks fly when they’re partnered on a mission to find evidence of criminal wrongdoing against the owner of a private military company. But when the mission takes a turn for the worse, Alexei and Sean will have to put their differences aside in order to win the fight and each other’s hearts.

In the Blood

Captain Jamie Callahan and Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan, along with Alpha Team, are frustrated with constantly being at the mercy of the enemy in order to further the Metahuman Defense Force’s goals. For Jamie and Kyle, staying out of the political spotlight becomes impossible when their families are threatened and vital choices about their future together can no longer be ignored. Meanwhile, Alexei and Sean’s time together is brutally interrupted, and the only way they can make it out alive is to give into the enemy’s demands.

Out of the Ashes

Alexei and Sean are still reeling from their stint as prisoners of war. Their physical wounds might have been mended, but the emotional scars left behind aren’t so quick to disappear. Recovery is slow, and guilt over past actions threaten to tear them apart.

May 5, 2021



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