Fire in the Heart

A Metahuman Files: Classified Novella 03

A marriage forged in battle.

Alexei Dvorkin has come a long way since being turned into a metahuman, and all he wants to do is marry the man he loves. A wedding is easy, but it’s the honeymoon where his and Sean’s past unexpectedly catches up with them.

All Sean Delaney wanted was a romantic honeymoon with his new husband. When he and Alexei stumble into a fellow operative’s mission on a luxury gambling resort island, they get more than they bargained for in their newly-minted civilian lives.

Forced to choose between staying and joining the mission or leaving to stay safe and postpone their honeymoon, Alexei and Sean make the only decision they can—to fight.

Fire in the Heart is a companion novella to the Metahuman Files series, an M/M military science fiction fantasy series full of found family themes and spicy romance. It is best enjoyed after New Horizons and before In the Solace.

August 13, 2019



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