In the Ruins Audiobook by Hailey Turner

Narrated by

Greg Boudreaux


10 hours 15 minutes

In the Ruins

All’s fair in love and war, but only if you cheat.

Captain Jamie Callahan and Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan know the Metahuman Defense Force frowns on fraternization, but being together is worth the risk. When an Alpha Team mission requires Jamie and Kyle to fake a very real relationship in order to infiltrate a criminal alliance, Jamie understands it won’t be easy. To ensure the mission is a success, he’ll have to put his family’s name on the line to play the role of an estranged billionaire’s son, discharged from the military, looking to make his own shady business deals.

Except the target this time is no ordinary businessman, and the bargain being made is a problem for everyone. Surrounded by the enemy on foreign soil, Jamie and Kyle must trust each other now more than ever. Their covers—and the life they’re trying to build together outside the political spotlight—depend on it.